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We are developing the premiere operating executives network knowing the collective knowledge of the group creates exponential learning.

Don't travel throughout your career on the same path....alone.  Extend your network, influence and impact with an amazing "BenchTeam" and immediate access to your personal "Board of Advisors"

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laura thomson.jpg

Jim is an amazing CFO and an all-around lovely human being. He's never afraid to ask hard questions, but has the rare skill of being able to ask them kindly. He is brilliant with financial management. One special thing to note is that he always took the time to explain our financial statements and positions to anyone at Mozilla, no matter how junior. He saw it as an educational opportunity, so the person he was talking to would make better choices and investment decisions in the future. I'd happily work for any company with Jim in a leadership role, not just because I like working with Jim, but also because I'd have the utmost confidence in the organization's bottom line and sustainability.

Laura Thomson
Sr Director of Engr - Mozilla

richard Bray.jpg


Richard Bray
VP Finance and Operations - PandaDoc

Peter Horan.jpg

Jim is one of the finest and smartest executives that I have ever had the pleasure to work with. We've worked together twice and I truly hope that we have the opportunity to work together again before too long. Jim combines strong financial and operational acumen with incredible personal integrity and great team spirit. Jim is as good as they come.

Peter Horan - CEO, Board Member, Digital Media Expert

sylvie veilleux.jpg

Jim is the most flexible and common sense CFO I have ever met. He gives a lot of leeway to people and doesn't make it impossible for them to run their business. Jim is also a very geeky CFO, where his interests are not only in finance and business but also how the technology and industry is evolving. He is extremely supportive. He provides feedback, insights and offers to help where possible. Jim also makes himself vulnerable and shares his challenges and where he'd like help or suggestions. He is a very open CFO and shares everything he knows about finance and truly welcomes answering anyone's questions. Jim makes prompt decisions and champions change

Sylive Veilleux  - CIO Dropbox

francis moran.jpg

The last two years of my professional career have been especially rewarding but also very challenging. Jim’s mentorship over this time has been absolutely invaluable. I stepped into a new role leading the finance and workplace teams on the eve of an explosion of growth - in a little over two years we went from 40 employees to over 1000, from 100 customers to 3500+ alongside an almost 100x growth in revenue. I also became a new father a year into this party.

I first met Jim when he spoke at an operator network event where he keynoted a presentation on “How To Lead Your Board” where I benefited from 25 years of experience distilled into an hour of indispensable knowledge. After the session, I asked Jim if he would be willing to mentor me in an informal setting where I could bring challenges and we could brainstorm with each other. We’ve met bi-weekly over the last two years and every session sheds new light on how to think about various issues. Jim regularly follows up with resources from not only his own personal experience but also from his “Best Of” collection including industry articles, presentations, podcasts, and network referrals.

Jim always seems to bring something new and fresh to the table and I still haven’t brought a problem to Jim that he hasn’t had incredible insight into. He didn’t always have the answers, but he always helped ask the right questions that led to breakthrough solutions. I could not have navigated these two years successfully without his incredible support, guidance, and mentorship.

Jim: thank you for your patience and for your wisdom. I don’t know why you decided to be so gracious and generous with your time, I can only humbly say thank you for everything and that I hope to one day reciprocate the generosity and impact.

Francis Moran
VP Finance TripActions


I have worked with some of the top tech companies in Silicon Valley over the past 20 years from Uber, Box, Dropbox, ebay, etc, and Jim is the most creative, business minded CFO I have every worked with.  His ability to motivate people and build companies by utilizes his vast network and experience is exciting to experience.

Jason Geis - Principal BlueChipTek

“Do not follow where the path may lead.  Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail"

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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