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Monthly Coaching Sessions


Executive coaching is a 1:1 individualized process to benefit the leader and his/her organization. Working with goals defined by both the leader, organization, and the Coach,  a trusted coach uses various coaching methods, knowledge sharing, feedback/assessment data, and action plans to develop the capacity for future leadership skills. Coaching is guided by a coaching partnership to achieve maximum impact, influence (both internal and external) and a knowledge network for learning.


Our coaching partnership is a win-win systems approach in which we plan the process together, communicate openly, and work toward the ultimate accomplishment of developing deeper leadership capacity.  We will develop new ways of thinking, feeling, acting, learning, leading, and relating to others.  Our focus will be to build your individual and organizational impact and internal and external influence among your peers.

Our coaching partnership needs to agree on ground rules, time frames, and specific goals to ensure success.

Kicking off our coaching partnership

  • Creation of a individualize leadership development plan

  • Identify knowledge and skills desired

  • Deep dive on current and future strategic objectives

  • Critical regular feedback and practice of executives leadership skills

Our ideal coaching process:

  • Pre-coaching session to assess coach/leader fit

  • Establish monthly contract

  • Gather Key Assessments

  • Develop Coaching Plan and short/long term goal setting

  • Meeting 2-3 hrs per month regularly

Our regular coaching meetings will include

  • Strategic Problem solving and planning

  • Role Play Rehearsal and Case study approach of “What, Why, When, How”

  • Critical feedback on techniques

  • Teaching and applying a variety of management and leadership tools

  • Sharing of “Best of Solutions” and necessary referrals to other key external network contacts

Three Levels of Executive Coaching / Learning

1. Strategic problem solving

2. Developing leadership capabilities and new ways of thinking and acting to significantly increase leadership impact and influence.

3. Access to an External Network of peer executives to ensure learning will continue by becoming a mini-coach to other executives and by doing so expanding/cementing your executive leadership learnings.

Bottom Line:  Our collective goal is to “Learn How to Learn and Learn How to Teach.    

1). Learn It

2). Do It

3). Teach It

Together, we will create a network effect where everyone in the network at all levels learn/teach each other and by doing so significantly improving, impacting, de-risking everyone’s business.

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